Sports Ball in the 'verse


There are lots of sports played to varying levels of skill and seriousness across the ‘Verse, but variants on this sport are so prevalent that when people talk about “Verse Ball”, “The Verse Series” or “The Big League” they default to assuming it’s this one (c.f. “The Premier League”, “The Grand Prix”)

Most inhabited planetoids have at least one domestic league – the league structures for each planetoid vary hugely

Most inhabited planetoids have a single team for interplanetary competitions (made up of best players from leagues). Some have a lot more than one, who compete for the right to represent the planetoid - only one team from each inhabited planetoid is allowed to compete in the big Red Sun Interplanetary League (‘Verse Ball, the Big League)

Rules vary from league to league – generally, it is a timed game where players use their own bodies (hands, feet) and usually implements (sticks) to score in one of the opposing team's multiple goals which net their team various points. The Big League is six-a-side with sticks on a smallish court with frequent substitutions (like NBA basketball) – scores are normally quite high.

It is technically a low-contact sport, but inspires high-contact activity (Hockey). Many leagues allow or even encourage full-contact behaviour (Ice Hockey). In the Big League, body armour is required and vicious fouls are common.


Below you can find logos for the most well-known teams in the 'Verse - click to download a usable file.

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