Safety and First Aid

First Aid and Medical Cover


The lead first aider, and other first aiders will be introduced during the pre-event briefing and you will be told how to access first aid cover during the event. All incidents should be reported to a first aider, no matter how minor. Firstly, we want to make sure everyone is ok, and secondly it is a breach of our insurance if we do not inform the insurers of any incidents after the event.


Man down

Shouted when someone is injured OOC. When you hear this call stop roleplaying immediately and remain stationary until instructed otherwise. If it is obvious that a nearby player or ref has not heard the call, please repeat it/inform them. It is very important that this call is not used IC (in character).


Combat Safety



Care should be taken when using unarmed combat. If you are under the effects of alcohol or tired to a point where you can no longer safely use unarmed combat then you should have the common sense to refrain from doing so as unsafe or uncivil use of unarmed combat will not be tolerated



Any melee weapons must be of a ‘LARP-safe’ variety consisting of a core covered in foam and latex. During combat be sure to pull your blows. Under no circumstances must a weapon be used to stab, even if the weapon is designed to be safe to do so. There may be LARP-safe weapons onsite that have been designed to look like ordinary objects such as bar stools or shovels. Do not use something to hit another player unless you are sure it has been designed to do so safely.



All arrows and bolts must conform to the Mike Stringer/“Second Skin” standard and bows must not exceed 30lbs at a draw length of 28 inches.



Thrown weapons must be larger than an eye socket, be of a safe foam and/or latex construction and must not have a solid core or solid weighting.



Ranged weapon props must be non-firing replicas, airsoft guns or blank firing of a sufficient quality to be appropriate as props with in the setting.


Guns must not under any circumstances have any batteries, ammunition, blanks or other such items installed and you should not bring any of the above to an event.


Guns and all other weapons will be safety checked as you check in to the event and random checks may occur at any point.


Non-combat props

Any non-combat props such as tools, utensils and boxes must be of a sturdy construction and possess no protruding sharp edges. Medical props such as syringes must not have needles attached and any drug phys-reps must be of a substance that is safe to consume should any mix-ups occur.


Any Out of Character medications should not be stored in an In Character medical bag and should be clearly marked “OOC medication – do not use” with the players name.


Any electrical, pneumatic or mechanical props need to be examined by the organisers before being used and we would strongly urge you to contact us well before the event so we can advise you as to their suitability. Any electrical systems must be cleared for use with the organisers beforehand. Mechanisms must not have any exposed moving parts such as transmission systems that may cause injury.