The rules for Serenity aim to produce a cinematic style of story and play. We trust players and crew alike, and want to collaborate to tell stories of both heroic success and epic failure.


Whilst everyone puts a lot of effort into props and roleplaying, (especially the medical and surgery system),  it should be noted nothing about the rules system is intended to replicate real-world situations. No specialist knowledge of medicine is needed to play a doctor or surgeon, and the same goes for mechanics and cortexing - we aim to be as accessible as possible. Think Doctor Who or Star Trek science - inverting the polarities generally works, and CPR always takes better if you're crying or shouting as you do it!


It's also important to note that while the rules are useful, and provide a good guideline for things like when to fall over, we are all about the roleplay and cinematics.  Maybe the best illustration of this is the often-quoted idea that 'the damage called is the minimum you have to take.'  If it's cinematically appropriate, or creates good game, feel free to take more damage, fall over as soon as someone shoots you, or otherwise roleplay things to the max. We like to trust our players with a bit of leeway, and a general 'don't take the piss' attitude., and the spirit of the rules is more important than the deeply technical wording.


We also acknowledge that not everyone likes or is able to read a whole bunch of rules stuff. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask a ref, crew member, one of the game team, etc.


Rules can be found on the wiki:

Serenity LRP rules wiki