The futuristic setting means that costume and props do not have to conform to a specific historical period. Generally 19th or 20th century European, Chinese and American styles work best, with Wild West fashion being of particular merit for those of appropriate background.


Popular culture references are to be avoided; an Iron Maiden t-shirt is a priceless antique from ‘Earth-that-was’ and no-one in their right mind would risk wearing one openly.


Similarly any refreshments should conform to the same standard, no Coke cans or other well-known brands should be used in IC areas. Of course, that doesn’t prevent you simply removing the label from a bottle of Coke or gluing a new one over the can. Discreet or lesser known labels are acceptable, such as those found on ale bottles. Have a look in the resources section here for labels that you can print out and use, many designed by our fantastic player-base.



Melee and projectile weapons should be of a historic or modern day design- setting specific design e.g., no high fantasy weapons.


Ranged weapons must be of a suitable replica quality. Toy guns are permitted if they are of a sufficient quality and scale to avoid breaking the atmosphere of the game; no water pistols, obvious poor quality plastic toys or jarringly bright colour schemes. Nerf guns and basic toy guns are perfectly acceptable if appropriately painted.



Mechanics’ tools and medical kits should be of believable quality. Any actual tools that don’t break the aforementioned safety guidelines such as spanners, bandages, voltmeters and stethoscopes add immensely to the atmosphere and allow more interesting roleplaying whilst using professional skills.



If you have any props that you are unsure of the suitability of for phys-rep or safety guidelines then please contact the organisers well before the event, we will be happy to give you advice and check things out. We do want to make the hobby accessible to everyone, so the props and phys-reps requirements are around what looks ok, and there are lots of options available that don't involve buying anything expensive, or needing a lot of skill to make things.

Props and Phys-reps