This page aims to introduce the general administration of the Serenity LRP events and the calls we will be using. It is not an introduction to LARP/LRP in general - there are some really good ones around, and we don't want to try to replicate them.


Player packs

All players should report to God (Game Organisation Desk) at the start of the event for sign in, weapons check and to collect their player pack which will include their initial wound cards (three white, one red).


Player briefing

Before time in at each event there will be a briefing to ensure everyone is familiar with safety procedures and first aid cover as well as any specific information for that particular event or site.



Game referees will be introduced during the player briefing at the start of an event and will be clearly identified during the event.


IC dead people

Anyone with their finger in the air is invisible and cannot be seen. This is for use by the crew in order to deploy into areas they cannot access without being seen or to remove themselves from an area after being killed in combat or for a referee to denote they are only there with a specific task such as providing information to someone exercising a skill. Please be a kind roleplayer and do your best to ignore them.


OOC calls

The following calls are out of character information calls used for safety or organisational purposes.


Man down

Shouted when someone is injured OOC. When you hear this call stop roleplaying immediately and remain stationary until instructed otherwise. If it is obvious that a nearby player or ref has not heard the call, please repeat it/inform them. This call MUST NOT be used IC so as not to cause confusion.


Time Freeze

Stop roleplaying. This call is used to pause the game in order to avoid accidents, dangerous situations or, more frequently when the refs need to simulate something or impart information that your character would be able to see/feel/hear etc.


Time in

Begin/resume roleplaying.


Time out

Roleplaying has ceased for the day/weekend/event. Of course this doesn’t stop you continuing to roleplay, it just means that everything is unofficial from now on and we would ask that at time out on an evening you respect that other players/crew/staff will be needing to sleep by keeping noise and disturbance to a minimum.


For more important things we'd really like you to read before a game, please check out our pages here:


Content and Trigger Warning

Equalities Statement

Props and Phys-reps



And finally if you have any questions about the admin, events, or general way we run OOC, please contact the admin team.