Cinematic live roleplay in the 'Verse

The year is 2522.


Serenity LRP takes place in a world still deeply affected by the events of the Unification War, a system-wide conflict that pitted the core planets of the AngloSino Alliance against the independent Browncoat faction. Feelings still run high, especially among those that lost, and revelations three years ago about the role of Parliament in creating the monstrous Reavers only added fuel to the fire.


Following a crackdown on civil rights on Boros, and riots in Londinium, rumours of open conflict swiftly solidified into fact, at first heavily denied by Parliament and the President, but soon increasingly hard to hide. A breakaway faction of the Alliance navy, led by a small group of admirals, gathers more support, although the authorities refer dismissively to a 'small group of terrorists' and maintain that they are having no trouble tracking down and eliminating rebel supporters. The truth seems increasingly murky, and whilst the recent unblocking of the 'Verse-wide cortex is a welcome relief, the claim of Parliament that it was a governmental victory against 'the terrorist shut-down' raises eyebrows in certain circles.

INN broadcast - Back on the Cortex



Which side will come out on top remains to be seen, and which side is the 'right' one is even more of a mystery.  


As the 'Verse gathers itself to weather more conflict, there's only one thing you can do.


Get a ship.


Get a job.


Keep on flyin'.