'Earth that was could no longer sustain our numbers, we were so many. We found a new solar system, dozens of planets and hundreds of moons. Each one terraformed, a process taking decades, to support human life, to be new Earths. The Central Planets formed the Alliance. Ruled by an interplanetary parliament, the Alliance was a beacon of civilization. The savage outer planets were not so enlightened and refused Alliance control. The war was devastating, but the Alliance's victory over the Independents ensured a safer universe. And now everyone can enjoy the comfort and enlightenment of our civilization.'

                                                                                 -  Blue Sun learner 3 vid-pack, recommended for ages 6-10


'I was there when liberty died.  I was there when the sky turned to fire and an angry god and his angels descended upon those who dared to dream of freedom. Weren't nothin' civilised about it. Still ain't, if you look below the surface.'

                                                       - Wendell MacKean, ex-Independent soldier



Official flag of the Union of Allied Planets

This timeline contains details of historically significant events within the Serenity 'Verse. For a more detailed rundown of recent happenings (i.e. events that we have run) check out the Recent Events page.


2030 onwards: Earth-that-was becomes increasingly unable to sustain life, and global efforts to find an alternative are officially started.


2090s: Boarding of ark ships begins and these are launched, with all our ancestors on board.


The core planets are terraformed, and colonised in waves starting around 2220. Terraforming of some outer rim worlds isn't complete until the early 2400s, which means there are a variety of colonies and worlds, with widely differing technology and 'civilisation' levels.


2506: The Miranda project is started, and fails, (although this is not known until years later). The Unification War begins.


2511: The Unification War ends with the battle of Serenity Valley.


November 2518: A message goes out across the 'verse, revealing the origin of the Reavers and the fate of the planet Miranda.


May 2519: The Alliance officially declares war on the Reaver threat, and the military is mobilised. The Reaver War begins.


August 2519: A new government comes into power.


February 2520: Following a space battle, a Reaver ship crashes into an ocean on New Melbourne, killing over 400,000 people.


May 2520: In response to growing civil unrest and protests, martial law is declared.


December 2520: First broadcast of the 'Voice of Truth.'


August 2521: A terrorist group calling themselves the 'Dust Devils' hijacks and pilots a ship into the financial district of Ariel, causing untold deaths, and a financial crash that affects billions more.