Equalities Statement

In any LARP game, it is important to be very clear on what is acceptable both in and out of character. Conflict is often at the core of LARP plot and this is part of what makes it fun. It is not our intention to constrain any role-play or interfere with the idea that IC (In Character) actions and words have IC consequences.


It is, however, useful to have guidelines to minimise the chances of IC actions causing OOC distress.




We (Lightning Bug LARP) will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, gender identity or expression, race, ethnic origin, body size, physical appearance, religion (or lack of), sexuality, disability, marital status or age (with the exception of highlighting the unsuitability of the events for those under 18). We expect our players to abide by the same rules and sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or sizeist language or actions will not be tolerated.


We aim to make our game as safe a space as possible for everyone and to promote an atmosphere that actively encourages this. However, given the nature of the hobby and our limitations on site bookings available, some events may not be held at sites where the whole area is fully accessible to those with disabilities. We do try to do our best here, and would encourage anyone with specific access requirements to get in touch to discuss these if they feel comfortable doing so - we can discuss access without going into anything specific you are uncomfortable disclosing to us.




This game takes place in a future universe. We have actively chosen not to reproduce existing states of oppression and discrimination, partly because it is not cool or interesting, but mostly because we believe LARP should be an escapist hobby for everyone, which includes people who may have to deal with discrimination in real life.


It is not acceptable to IC use racist, homophobic or transphobic language. These are not forms of discrimination we have any intention of exploring in game and we do not feel anything is gained from doing so.


We do have a number of people roleplaying companions and other sex workers in the system. In the Serenity ‘verse, you should note that companions are usually well respected, at least among the Core and Border worlds. However this view is by no means universal, especially on frontier worlds, or extended to other sex workers and as such, certain characters may have strong and disapproving views.


If you do choose to play a character who is involved in sex work, you should note that there might be negative roleplay around this, including use of offensive language, for example ‘whore’ as well as people self-describing as such. In this, as in all LARP, there should be a clear line between what is roleplay and what is not and we expect everyone to remember this.


We also touch on ableist language and attitudes, especially around mental illness and substance abuse. It is ok to portray characters with mental illness and issues of this nature and portrayals of the after effects of traumatic military service are core to a lot of characters. You should, as with all roleplay, strive to be sensitive about this and avoid offensive portrayals of people with mental health issues. This means avoiding generalised and offensive stereotypes and common misconceptions about people with mental health problems or playing it for laughs. If you choose to include a particular concept in your role play, try to do so sensibly and realistically.


A lot of role-play takes place around the religious aspects of society and these are real world religions, most commonly Buddhism and Christianity. However, this game takes place in a society where these and other religions have changed and evolved over several centuries and it should be understood that those who IC adhere to these faiths will not always adhere to the rules and mores of today’s followers.


The Firefly/Serenity universe is one where Chinese culture has mingled with American culture and this is one of the things that makes it so much fun to play in. Players are welcome to use Chinese names, wear Chinese clothes and accessories as part of their portrayal of this blending of two cultures but we ask that you do so with due sensitivity.


With all of the above, we trust you, our players and crew, to use your common sense and not simply portray offensive and inaccurate stereotypes but act with respect for those who attend these events.