Due to the nature of the Universe we are playing in, this LARP regularly explores themes of war and its aftermath, genocide, violence, crime, death, torture, mental illness and other harrowing themes. You should note that due to this, it is not generally suitable for players under 18.


Also the above will not be warned of specifically, so should be expected to be addressed at any event in plot, NPC interactions and personal roleplay.


The game will not address themes of sexual assault or sexual violence. You are still able to include these concepts in your backstory, but you should be aware that they will not come up in game plot. If you wish to address the aftermath in personal roleplay, you must give consideration to others and check OOC (Out of Character) that those around you are ok before involving them in roleplay around this subject.


You are not permitted to roleplay any sexual assault even if all those involved are ok with it.


Due to the age restrictions on our events, incidences of violence towards children will be few and will generally be ‘off camera’ and by implication. The exceptions will be with crew who are over 18 but look younger or with mannequins/dolls.  As with the above guidelines on sexual violence, players are welcome to include this in their backstory and to mention and role-play around this subject but should do so sensitively and with consideration.


If anyone choosing to attend one of our events as a player or crew is aware that they have specific triggers that could cause them distress, we strongly encourage them to talk to us ahead of time so that we can leave things out if possible, or prepare them for what may occur/arrange for that particular roleplay to be carried out after they have been given time to remove themselves from the immediate area.

Content and Trigger warnings