Companions are like courtesans in the respect that they offer more than just sex. They are hostesses that offer massage, tea ceremonies, official ‘plus ones’ for social occasions, diplomatic conversation, musical accompaniment to meetings, as well as sexual experiences, and these are only a few of the skills within the guild. Companions are trained by a guild (some from a young age) and are registered to it. As part of the guild they are protected and cared for both legally and health-wise. Clients register interest with a companion and the companion chooses their appointments. There are companions of any gender that cater to different tastes.

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Eva Nightingale of the Jade Fawn, an Official Guild companion known for her beautiful singing voice, and Fleider Coverback of The Circe, a Lotus Leaf Companion who may be mute but can work wonders with his hands as a masseur and medic.


Photo copyright Tom Garnett