Lightning Bug Larp is committed to providing a harassment-free larp experience for everyone.  We do not tolerate harassment of players or crew in any form. People violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event (without a refund) at the discretion of the event organizers.


We understand that in a larp system, there will always be conflict and threats IC, and this policy is not meant to eradicate these, but to set some guidelines so that people feel safe to roleplay these situations, and make sure that there is no IC/OOC cross-over. It’s fine if characters feel uncomfortable, but not if players do.


We also understand that people may unwittingly do things that can come under the umbrella of harassment or threatening behaviour, especially in IC tense or threatening situations. We consider that all of our players want to avoid this, and this policy is more about giving people who may feel uncomfortable the tools and space to bring this up, so that the behaviour can be stopped.


Harassment includes:


- OOC abusive name calling and comments

- OOC threatening behaviour – this can also be behaviour that you mean to be IC, but that people find threatening OOC. You may not realise this at the time, but you should pay attention to the person you are interacting with and respond immediately to any requests to stop or move away, or notes you are given after the event.

- Stalking

- Unwanted physical contact - no physical contact is ok without clear prior OOC consent. However, please note that our unarmed combat system involves light and careful physical contact on the upper arm. There will be a briefing for players and crew at the start of each event covering this, and if you are not comfortable with this, you should ask your opponent not to actually touch you, but you must still take the unarmed combat effect.

- Taking photos or filming people after they have asked you to stop

- Unwelcome sexual attention – this can also be IC unwelcome attention. We have no interest in roleplaying around the area of sexual assault or harassment, and if your behaviour touches on this, it is not suitable for this game.


If someone asks you to stop what you are doing, you must stop, even if you feel you are not harassing them. This is not about you or your personality, it is purely about behaviour that feels threatening to others.


If you are feeling harassed you can of course to try to work it out directly with the involved parties. However if you feel uncomfortable doing so or have already tried doing so to no effect, please find one of the event organisers so that we can address the situation and help you feel safe.


Event organisers will be happy to help participants contact site security or local police if needed, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event.


People asked to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately.


If someone continues demonstrating harassing behaviour after having been warned, they will be expelled from the event without any compensation. People can also be expelled without warning for serious incidents of harassment (for example punching someone or continuing sexual advances towards someone where it is clearly unwanted).


Anyone booking for our events should have read and agreed to abide by both our anti-harassment policy and our alcohol policy, and you will be asked to confirm this when filling out the booking form.


Companions and sex workers/roleplaying relationships.


We have people of all genders within the game playing companions and other sex-workers. We also have people that roleplay relationships and (strictly consensual) romantic or sexual encounters (abiding by the limits explained below). Serenity is a system that allows this roleplay, and we feel it enriches the game and the world in which it is set. Anyone who feels personally uncomfortable with this aspect of the game does not have to engage in this type of roleplay and we do not expect you to do this.


The people playing sex workers and their clients are covered by our policy above, and it is not ok to roleplay IC sexual harassment, or unwelcome advances toward them. There are guidelines for people wishing to play sex workers on our information page on companions which covers things like roleplaying client services. If you are roleplaying anything of this sort, we ask that you have a brief conversation OOC to make sure that this is ok with everyone involved.


You should remember at all times while roleplaying that apart from the light touch to the arm for the unarmed combat rules, Serenity is a non-contact system, and we are not ok with explicit behaviour played out either IC or OOC.

Anti-harassment policy