Alcohol and Drugs policy

All illegal drugs are banned at events, and we may call the police if we find anyone using them on site.


Alcohol is allowed at LBL events, but we expect everyone to drink responsibly, and not get so drunk that you are a danger to yourself or others, or not in control of your actions. No one under 18 is allowed to drink alcohol at our events.


If you have been drinking, the refs will make a judgement call as to whether you are safe to go on linear encounters, or take part in fighting. If you are drunk, you are expected to refrain from physical (as opposed to ranged) combat – this includes the melee and fist fighting/martial arts systems.


We do not require you to mark all alcohol as alcohol, as we consider it is reasonable to expect people to make sure they know what they are drinking, however if someone asks you OOC what is in a drink, you MUST tell them so that they are aware OOC of this. It can be ok to roleplay not telling them, but someone must be OOC aware of the contents of any drink or food so that they can avoid it if necessary or wanted.


It is fine to roleplay drinking alcohol without OOC drinking alcohol – you can do this either by disguising soft drinks, or by pretending to take a swig if offered, or however you feel is reasonable. If you are roleplaying being drunk, it is important that you answer a ref, first aider or someone asking OOC if they ask whether you are drunk OOC – this is for your safety, and for the safety of people around you.


We expect everyone within the system to keep an eye on their groups, crew, or friends, and keep them safe. If someone you know is too drunk, and you are worried about their safety or anyone else’s safety, you should tell a ref or first aider. First aid should always be called if you are worried about someone’s health due to alcohol or drugs.


If you are too drunk to roleplay responsibly, and especially if you are too drunk to abide by our anti-harassment policy, and notice that you are making people uncomfortable, you will be asked to cease roleplaying and leave the IC area.


If at any point you become aggressive whilst drinking, and do not stop or leave the IC area when asked to do so, we will assume this is OOC aggression, and we may call the police or site security in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We will also expel you from the event as soon as it is safe to do so. You will not be allowed to leave by driving if you are drunk, and the police will be called if you attempt to do so.


Even without aggression, the organisers reserve the right to expel people who repeatedly get so drunk that they are unable to roleplay, or are a danger to themselves, and not permit them to book for future events.